• Investment Specialist
  • CEO Green Progress
  • (416) 477-1554
  • kf@greenprogress.ca

Business Entrepreneur/Project Manager

• 1993-2002: Physiotherapist in Athens Physiotherapist in several clinics in Athens, Greece. Growing my own individual business and successfully running a Physiotherapy Clinic. In parallel, I was working also in the Public Sector as Medical Executive Physiotherapist at “Hellenic Telecommunication Co.”

• 2002 – 2009: OIKODOMIKI OIKISTIKI LLC. General Contractors in Greece: CEO and 33% Shareholder.

  •  Developed several licenses for different properties.
  •  Developed 25 condominium buildings, factories, Public Sector
    projects in Athens, Greece
  •  Real state Sales management for Greek and European clients.
  •  Base assets 1.6m in the begging to 2.8m today.
  •  Achieved growth in revenues from 600K Euros to 1.1M

• 2009 – 2015: GREEN PROGRESS LLC. Renewable EPC Company, in Greece:

President and 70% Shareholder

• 2016- present: Green Progress Holding INC. Canada:

  • CEO and 70% Shareholder
     Start up: St. Jacob Farm. The project is vertical hydroponic
    greenhouses in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta.
  •  Developing a business plan
  •  Permits and licenses
  •  Grants and funding
  •  Logistics and cost analysis
  •  Recruiting agronomist and crop developer

• Start–up : Incorporated Green Progress LLC, while acquiring all necessary permits and licenses, recruiting personnel with expertise (Electrical Engineers and Civil Engineers) in developing licenses and constructing photovoltaic parks on-grid. Establishing collaboration with legal advisors and accounting offices, as well as due diligence engineers for large-scale

• 2014 – Present: Melia Fresh Line Inc., imports – exports, in Canada:
President and 70% Shareholder

  •  Importing dry goods from Europe, supplying food service wholesale
    distributors (Sysco, Gordon Foods, et).
  •  From start up to 2019 total revenues 3.72M CDN